Things I Know To Be True

DSCN1336If I can’t sleep outside then I must have the window open.

Teenagers are the best.

Water in the desert is miraculous.

Every woman should own a good vibrator. As should some men.

The most delicious color green is that of new aspen leaves.

There’s a thing under your truck bumper that can unplug but your brake lights still work.

A homemade, with real chocolate ice cream, milkshake is the finest post-run treat. Ever.

Cows make great lawnmowers.

I will never mature enough to not laugh at inappropriate sexual innuendos.

A good fountain pen is worth the thousand words that come out of it.

Going to the dump is insanely satisfying – especially if you can tie it in with an oil change.

A reliable truck is worth its weight in gold.

My Antonia, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Pride and Prejudice embody perfect writing.

Sam Elliot is hot.

50 is f-ing fabulous.

 It IS okay for the east coast girl to wear red cowboy boots.

Concussions suck.




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