The HDD Decoder


HDD: High Desert Darlin’

Greg: Firstborn. Handsome. Charming. Cool. Girls want to kiss him. Boys want to be him. Potentially a lot of trouble. He’s “that guy.” #1 priority…his muscles.

Peter: Second child. Good looking. Slightly reserved. Brilliant. Witty beyond belief. Ultimate underachiever. My Karmic Rebate. Hangs tight with his older brother’s crowd. Amazing guy.

Bobby: Oldest in years, newest in family. Shy. Small but tough. Hard life/soft heart. Arrived at our home a few years ago with a suitcase and football trophies. Hasn’t left yet. We won’t let him.

MCB: My Cute Boyfriend. Adorable. Smart. Kind. Funny. East Coast. A wee bit (or more) younger than I am. Kids love him. He makes my life wonderful. It took us three years to figure it out. We live together.

Colorado Plateau: Where I live. If you want to really know… 

ExN: My rotten ex-husband. He is a very sick and cruel man. His #1 priority…fucking with me. Relentlessly. NPD (narcissistic personality disorder).

TCB: The child bride that ExN married. She just gave birth for a second time to his progeny.

Fuck: My favorite word. Check here for interesting connections to D.H. Lawrence.

MT: My Town. It lies somewhere on the Colorado Plateau. Somewhere in Colorado.

High Desert: High deserts are areas 4,000 feet and higher with an average annual precipitation of less than 10 inches. Temperatures range from 0 to 95 degrees, tending to be much colder, and staying colder longer, than the familiar low land deserts of the South West. The dominant plants are sage brush, 4/wing salt bush, yucca, bitter brush, galleta and Indian rice grass. MT is in the High Desert.


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