Man. Of. My. Dreams

I’m sitting on my deck in the dark gazing at the stars and enjoying the night air.

And the sound of 10,000,000 cicadas; so many that you can feel the air vibrating.

And I think that it would be silent in Utah.

Then I start thinking about all Utah-related things that I would enjoy right about now.

And I decide that I want to go to Utah and sleep there. Wake up there.

Not tonight. Too dark. Feral horses on the road.

Tomorrow night. Yes.

But here’s the good stuff…

It’s late, I send a text to TAM, thinking that he probably won’t get it until tomorrow, and say,

Let’s go sleep in Utah tomorrow night. No tent. No stove. No fuss.

Dinner here. Bivy out. Pre-made iced coffee in the morning. Breakfast here.

He said yes.

None of the others would have said yes.

This man knows the way to this woman’s heart.


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