I came home at 3:30 on friday afternoon and it is now 8:46 on monday evening and I haven’t left the canyon.

I am a pig in mud.

I could not be happier.

Fuck yeah.

And I don’t have to go to town until Wednesday. Five days of just me and the dogs.


I have hiked and done some gardening. I have put serious quality time into work.

I have written so many words.

I have had more energy.

Enough to clean my entire house; all 800 square feet of it.

It took an entire day and the better part of a second. That’s how long it’s been.

I won’t tell you how many times I had to clean out the vacuum filter.

But now, my house sparkles.

I’ve spent so much time coming and going for the last few months that I feel like I live out of a suitcase and a tote bag.

I’m a Taurus…I need my home.

TAM and his 9 year old son are out of town for 10 days, so there goes my social life. I work from home. I am no longer going to physical therapy in town 2 days a week.

So I have no need to get in my truck.

Except to take the trash up the hill to the dumpster; but I don’t have to leave the property.

My truck sat in the sun for so long (with the windows closed so the snakes don’t get in) that it was 119 today when I got in to do the trash run.

So here I am getting my shit back together without realizing I had lost it. I was so scattered: mentally, physically. It would take so long for me to do anything that sometimes nothing got done.

I feel 10 pounds lighter having just gotten organized and clean.

And enjoying some activites like scrambling through the canyon or drinking coffee watching the sun come up.

I’ve been indulging.

Chocolate. Eating tomatoes out of my garden like apples. Preparing satisfying dinners instead of chip crumbs mixed with salsa.

It’s been lovely.

So now I will share with you my ultimate indulgence.

I have a super comfy camping cot that is my summer bed. It’s outside on the deck off my kitchen. Under my shade sail. Under the stars.

It is magnificant. I fall asleep to the crickets and coyotes and the occassional pissed off racoon. And sometimes the ice plant is rumbling next door. But that’s just white noise.

So the cot is on the deck. I use my birdseed box as a night table. I hang my camping lantern from a chair behind my head so I can read.

The kitchen door is open so the dogs can find me.

On the bed are TWO paco pads, cotton sheets, and a couple of quilts. Whatever isn’t already on my inside bed.

And one of those random items just happens to be an electric blanket. That I put UNDER the fitted sheet.

Oh yes, I do. I plug that fucker in and right around 4 am when the night is at its coldest, I reach over the side of the cot and turn it on. High.

I snuggle back in under the quilts, look for the first hint of light above the hillside, and listen to the songbirds call in the day.

Snug as a fucking bug in a rug.

You may laugh, but secretly, you’re googling “solar powered electric blanket for camping.”

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