last night I dreamt of lions

first, I found out I am going to spend 21 days in Grand Canyon

then, she came to me in my dream

eyes fixed on me, sphynx-like, from her alcove in the shade

calm, steady, not un-friendly

I felt as if I was being sized-up

there was no sign of her cub

I wasn’t afraid

my reaction was more of a “Holy shit, finally

but I didn’t linger

this wasn’t one of those, “then she spoke to me and shared the secrets of the Divine…” kind of dreams

it was more of a, “I’m letting your intrusion slide, this time” kind of dream

it was intense

I’ve never dreamt of a mountain lion that vividly before

this morning the dogs and I walked the rim above the canyon

it felt like there was a connection between Grand Canyon and the cat; I wanted space to ruminate on it

it feels like things are afoot in my energetic world

I came to the conclusion that I am going to finally see my first cat in the “Big Ditch”

how cool is that

walking the last leg of the trail drops into a narrow canyon that leads to my creek

it’s the main thoroughfare for all the desert creatures between water and the shade beneath the cliff walls

at one point the narrow trail brushes the entrance to a shady alcove with a soft sandy floor

I have seen my lion’s and her cub’s paw marks in the sand; they nap there in the heat of the day

I stood at the lip of the canyon and thought, I know, in my gut, they are lazing right now

this is the dream; I’m going to see her today


deep breath

do I want to knowingly walk into the lions’ den

that’s just dumb


but, I know she’s there

they’re there

or the cub is there and she is above me somewhere

but I’ve been wanting to see her for so long

here’s my chance

that’s just dumb

but so tempting

but maybe I am not supposed to see her today and I should wait until I am on the river

hmmmm there was that gal who was eaten by the bear but maybe killed first by a cougar

yeah, I’m good

and I took the long way home

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