I have created a little oasis in my yard for the songbirds. I provide food, water, shade, and flowers.

They provide entertainment.

Finches, sparrows, redwing black birds, collared, mourning, and white wing doves.

Cowbirds gurgle while quail chortle and hummingbirds dive-bomb my pink sunglasses.

Towhees, black-headed grosbeaks, kingbirds, blue heron, and a peregrine falcon.

They all make distinct noises which blend together to create a backdrop of music that plays all day and well into the evening.

It is my joy, my serenity, my sanity.

The soundtrack of my life.

Last night there was a newcomer perched on a dead branch of the doves’ favorite tree. I couldn’t see him well – it was dusky and he was just far enough away that I couldn’tdetermine who he was.

I zoomed my camera lens in on him and saw that the 15 or so different bird calls I was hearing in the moment were all coming out of his beak.

He sat on-high chirping, twittering, chortling, cooing…


He alone makes my yard sound like an aviary; the hundreds of other birds are the choir.

I love him.

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