Working hard

I pay a lot of money to have an office one day a week. Thursdays are my power days; my phone works, I have high speed internet, No dirty laundry distracting me. I rock and roll in m office.

And then, like now, I’m just not feeling it. So instead I’m googling corgi puppy videos, Stephen Colbert, and Hilarious Wedding Fails.

This is what I found:

There are many things to spark a comment here, but I’m stuck on the fact that the gal that wears a prissy, virginal, all-covered-up wedding dress and angelic headband, WITH TENNIS SHOES is not usually the same gal showing off her knickers on stage at a party
SOOOOOO uncomfortable. Is there a Groom’s cake too? Who cuts into this? Murder or suicide? And lastly…where do you cut? Do you cut off limbs, a boob, or do you go full on and stab directly into the vagina rose?
The commentary focused on the chickens (a play on releasing doves for good luck), but not one mention of the dress. Really?


I love this man. I want to be friends with him

No words necessary

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