Why this is racism 101

Someone said today, “Yes, this is horrible, but people are saying it was a racial thing and I’m not sure I’m buying that.”

I’ll spell it out:

Yesterday’s attack was not directly racially motivated like, say, kneeling on a black man’s neck. The focus was instead, aimed at our country as a whole.

But the people who carried out this insurgence were predominantly white; as we all could see since no one had on a mask. Many are members of white supremacy groups who fly confederate flags and threaten BLM supporters. They carry Kek flags and have KKK tattoos on their grossly soft midsections that they somehow feel we need to see.

They support and are supported by a man who has proven repeatedly that he himself, is a white supremacist, a racist.

And a lot of other things too, but we are sticking to one topic here.

So if you look at the bigger picture, keeping their person in the position of power allows those rioters to maintain their positions of power as white men.

That was certainly behind yesterday’s attack.

But the most blatant and frightening display of discrimination was in the response. No one can seriously deny that if that crowd had been full of dark skin, it would have looked very different.

More violent. More deadly. More horrific.

So think about it: either systemic racism really is a thing, or the cops were in on it.

Or both.

2 thoughts on “Why this is racism 101

  1. This is most defiantly a white male supremacy thing, with some white religion thing rolled into it.
    There are a few white women in “it”. I have a bat-shit crazy female cousin who is one of them.
    She probably would have been there, if she didn’t live 3000 miles away.
    Yeh, this is racism. Systemic racism is real, very real, in this here U.S. of A. Cops in on it? I would bet my sorry old ass they were.

    1. song dog sally

      I’m so sorry you’re related to one of them. And you’d think the women would have better heads on their shoulders.

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