tooting my own horn

I take a lot of photos


birds, flowers, dogs, landscapes

I’m not all that great. I get some really good shots once in a while, mostly by chance

I do close-ups – zooming-in often eliminates having to worry about composition, lighting, setting, or anything else for that matter

I’m on a huge bird kick

my landscape photos are rather plain

but the thing is, I don’t care

I take all of my photos just for me

I hang them all over my house

just for me

if it makes me happy and isn’t completely blurry, I print it and hang it

because bird faces and flower stamens and smoky sunrises are glorious to me

and I don’t really care if my photos are professional or not – as long as they make me smile


today when I picked up my prints at the photo shop I was asked for copyright permission for one of my very own pictures of one of my very own birds who resides in my backyard

they thought I stole it

How great is that!?!

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