crying uncle

I’m so tired of it all

Covid fatigue

Election fatigue

Election fraud fatigue

Anger animosity hatred fatigue

I want the current administration to go away. To stop the hatred and the fear mongering and the resisting of reality

I want the new administration to move in and start fixing things

I want the virus to stop killing people

I want my neighbors to pull their heads out of their asses and WEAR A FUCKING MASK

I want the racism bigotry train to derail

I’ve gotten off Facebook. I spend only 5 minutes a day on Twitter

I’ve cut myself off from seeing people in person

I was reading the news cover to cover but have now reduced that to one or two headlines

This morning I clicked on a clip depicting the Proud Boys shenanigans yesterday at the MAGA march and as soon as I heard the yelling, I turned it off, traumatized by the amount of aggressive hatred that we’ve been exposed to all year

I can’t take any more

Of all people, I do not need another reason to cut myself off from the world

I need prompting to reach out to other human beings since my go to is “go away”

But I’m not seeing any reason to engage with 99% of the population right now

I am so tired

So very very VERY tired

I am discouraged

I am afraid that the little bit of hope that I felt post-election is wasting away with the chipping away of our democracy.

I’m tired of living in a country, and a county, where people are literally dying because of the rejection of a 5 inch piece of fabric

I’m tired of distrusting (and disliking) my community members

I’m tired of hearing the loneliness in my mom’s voice

I’m so tired of worrying about my loved ones

I’m tired of chaos

Elvis is tired of it all too

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