Aimlessly scrolling around the internet, clicking on headlines like “Women tweet about quarantining with their spouses” and “Did Rudy Guiliani really fart on tv” and “Why you should fill your bathtub with Dawn dish detergent” which led to “8 times you shouldn’t use vinegar to clean.”

Yes, it’s been an aimless, directionless, unproductive morning.

But here’s an interesting (and random) tip that I received while in the rabbit hole:

6. Never Use Vinegar On Egg Stains

Since eggs have protein enzymes, adding vinegar to egg stains — on clothing or on your car — could cause them to coagulate. However, some say vinegar does work to remove eggs from a car, as long as the vinegar-water solution is not too warm. The best bet would be to play it safe and opt for soap and warm water, so you don’t risk damage to delicate fabrics or your auto’s paint.

Do enough people really get their cars egged to warrant this helpful hint?

Where the fuck do you live and who are your neighbors??

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