Just a thought

Not a lot of time here – I have to go to work.

But, have I ever mentioned how much the President reminds me of my ex-husband?

Mom asked the other day, “Was he really that much of a bully?”

Yep, he was.

But what prompted this today is looking at Trump’s refusal to accept defeat. When you look at the numbers in the Presidential election compared to the House and the Senate, the message is very clear;

While Americans are clearly still capitalists, while Republicans are still quite popular, the message being sent to the Power-That-Be is that the majority of the American public just doesn’t like Trump.

It’s personal, President Trump. Most of us don’t like you.

And yet, he can’t accept his loss – because if he does that, then he’s admitting that he’s not the most popular kid in school.

And to someone like him, that’s impossible to comprehend and accept.

Which brings me back to my ex.

When he left, I was suddenly invited to social events and gatherings left and right. All sorts of people who had been fringe friends wanted to hang out with me.

I thought – are they just being nice to the lonely divorcee?

Then one gal said to me, “We never liked him; nope, not one bit.”

She has since repeated this to me multiple times over the years – as if she can’t get over the years of tolerating him.

These are people that, when he and I were still married, he disparaged as being too hippy-dippy, or christian, or smoked too much pot, or didn’t send their kids to the public school, or…whatever.

There was always a reason why lovely local folks weren’t good enough for us to hang out with.

But what I came to understand after our divorce was that he didn’t want to be around these people because he’d have to admit that he wasn’t the center of attention, that they might not enjoy his antics, his blustering, his overbearing ways.

But men (people) like my ex and the President can’t admit to that because to do so would crumple their world – would take them off of their self-created pedestal.

And that would be too much to bear.

My ex left town as fast as he could. Rather than face the fact that people didn’t like him he moved away and continued his criticism of our community.

Instead of taking it personally, he turned it back on us.

He discredited those who voted.

Hmmmmmmmmm, sound familiar?

Sometimes one can’t take things personally. Sometimes not being liked has nothing to do with the judged and everything to do with the judger.

But sometimes, you’ve just got to face reality:

No one likes you.

So go away.

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