Stephen Colbert: Sexiest Man Alive

He joked about this the other night – said that if the President can randomly declare victory in Pennsylvania then he can declare himself People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

He jokes, and yet…

He pretty much is that man.

Not Brad Pitt or Harrison Ford or Idris Elba, (although, that man’s got it in spades). Nope, none of these men.

Hands down, especially right now, Stephen takes the cake.

He is whip-smart, witty, clever, well-spoken, heartfelt.

He thinks before opening his mouth.

He clearly adores his wife who is often the only other person in the room during his socially distanced late-night shows.

She clearly adores his sense of humor.

He’s socially distanced – total turn-on.

He’s a sharp dresser; his new casual covid style includes rolled-up sleeves which show off his strong, masculine forearms.

A feature most appealing in a world of tiny hands.

He is a man with integrity. He tells the truth.

Another feature most appealing in a world of tiny hands.

And the man has a head of hair that is 1, rare in a man his age (56) and 2, begging my hands to run their way through it.

Which I would gladly do given the opportunity.

He is man who is not afraid to show emotion.

He is THE man who shed tears last night over the threat to our democracy by our very own President.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

He’s pretty geeky, and I like pretty geeks.

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