today’s project

Quarantine day #nofuckingclue.

This morning, I decided to polish all of my silver jewelry which I don’t do very often being of the mindset that if you wear it enough, the tarnish will just rub off.

It’s like, if you leave your dirty laundry in the hamper long enough, it comes back out clean.

I pulled out things I haven’t worn in years – mostly because they were too tarnished. Or, I just got lazy and wear the same things over and over.

I found my grandmother’s engagement ring, my great aunt’s delft china bracelet, and two silver bracelets from boys whose names I don’t remember.

I have a whole new collection of accessories.

It’s like I had Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


2 thoughts on “today’s project

  1. Jonathan

    I first watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s while nursing a hangover on a Saturday morning in my early 20s. It became one of my favourites, and led to watching lots of other Audrey Hepburn movies. I’ve always found it amusing that so many people have no clue that it’s about two prostitutes…

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