The Nature Channel

Yesterday evening, we sat at TAM’s kitchen table, having a snack and relaxing after work, appreciating the change in the light as the day ended and a storm moved in.

Enormous, swollen, dense black clouds hauling ass towards us, obliterating the landscape bit by bit. Swallowing entire mountain ranges.

Watching a mating pair of redtail hawks build their nest on a brand new nesting platform in the southern pasture.

Stick by stick, they took turns adding to their new home.

They only briefly paused in their task to chase off a golden eagle who got too close.

The hawks flew right at the eagle, pushing him off his trajectile. When he didn’t move quickly or far enough, one of the hawks punched up at the eagle’s head.

That did the trick.

Then they went right back to home improvements until the sun set.

And we watched their work, taking turns with the binoculars, until the sun set.

Better than tv.

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